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Many people in Oregon are curious about how to make fermented foods at home: however, they don’t always have time to do a few weeks of research to find out. That’s where NW Ferments comes in. We are an online fermented foods shop based in Oregon City, Oregon, that offers accessible, affordable, and high-quality fermentation starters to those wanting to get started making their own fermented foods. We also provide a wealth of guides and recipes to help all our fermented friends along the way.

Fermented foods have been around for centuries and are now making a comeback in a big way, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Fermentation is a process of preserving food in which yeast or harmful bacteria is converted into beneficial bacteria. This results in a product that is full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and good probiotics.

Why Choose NW Ferments in Oregon?

At NW Ferments, our goal is to provide high-quality starter cultures to communities in Oregon and around the country in order to inspire them to embrace a stronger connection with their food and the planet. For those looking to improve their health naturally through food, live a sustainable lifestyle, or simply save money on their grocery bill each month, NW Ferments offers all the starter cultures, fermentation supplies, and knowledge needed to do so.

Wendy and Sue, our company’s founders, met many years ago while taking courses in food preservation. They realized they shared an obsessive interest in fermentation and wanted to use their expertise to help those who share their passion. They are truly excited about how fermented foods are growing in popularity again and want to provide the tools necessary for those in Oregon and around the country to take part in and experience the benefits of the craft.

assortment of fermented foods we ship to North CarolinaOur Fermented Food Products and Recipes

NW Ferments provides a wide range of fermentation supplies and high-quality culture starters kits to residents in Oregon and across the country. Check out some of our most popular products, like:

We also make it much easier for people who want to get started making their own fermented food at home by providing them with a list of resources and fermented foods recipes. Some of our favorites include:

Take part in crafting your own healthy, fermented foods, and take charge of your health in an easy, sustainable, and fun way. Get fermented with NW Ferments.

Shipping to Oregon and the Mainland United States

NW Ferments is an online fermented foods shop based in Oregon City, Oregon, and we ship our live starters and fermentation supplies to both Oregon and the rest of the mainland United States. Shop our top-quality starter cultures today!