Fermented Food Online Shop in San Diego

Fermented Foods Online Store in San Diego

San Diego residents are eager to enjoy the health benefits associated with fermented foods and beverages. They have the sun and surf and are excited to add these delicious options to their healthy lifestyles.

NW Ferments has you covered, San Diego! Our team offers everything you need to make your own fermented foods and drinks with starters, supplies, books, and recipes. Based out of Oregon City, Oregon, NW Ferments is on a mission to make these high-quality products accessible throughout the country.


Interest in Fermentation Is “On the Rise”

Our founders met and bonded over the joys of fermentation. Isn’t that how all great relationships start? Since that meeting, NW Ferments has provided excellent products and advice to beginners and experts alike. With a vision of bringing the joys and benefits of fermentation to everyone, NW Ferments ships to San Diego, North Carolina, Texas, and anywhere else in the continental United States. 

Interest in fermented foods and products has skyrocketed in recent years, making this the perfect time to learn how to make your own. The science behind fermentation is fascinating, so it’s no surprise that so many people enjoy it. Fermentation also helps provide sustainable and affordable food for families and communities, adding to the already plentiful benefits.

assortment of fermented foods we ship to North Carolina

Starters and More Available for Shipment to San Diego

The NW Ferments catalog offers a robust range of products and expertise. Some of the most popular in San Diego and throughout California include:

For those who are ready to jump into using fermentation more regularly, here are some of our most popular recipes to try:

Ready To Start?

We are passionate about fermented foods and making them available to anyone who wants to make them part of their life. So start or continue your fermented food journey with books, kits, and tips from NW Ferments. From our home in Oregon to your front door in San Diego, we have plenty for you to enjoy.