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Fermented Foods Online Shop in Texas

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With the rise in food costs paired with the decline in food quality in Texas, many are looking for a sustainable, healthy, and cost-effective approach to their food. They are turning to traditional and ancient preserving and fermenting techniques. Mother Nature has given us an amazing way to connect with our food, our bodies, and the planet. All we need to do is take advantage of it.

NW Ferments is a fermented food online shop, shipping to Texas and other parts of the mainland United States. We offer accessible, affordable, and high-quality fermentation supplies and live starter cultures for home production. We also aspire to be a community resource, providing DIY recipes, how-tos, and troubleshooting information to empower Texans to really enjoy their food and reap the health benefits from it more fully.

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Why Choose NW Ferments?

NW Ferments’ mission is to nourish and enrich Texas communities by providing high-quality starter cultures for traditionally fermented foods and flavors. We also want to inspire and enable Texans to embrace a greater connection to food, improve their health with natural remedies, and live sustainable lifestyles in line with Mother Nature’s gifts. And we help them do all of this while saving money in the process.

The company’s founders, Sue and Wendy, met many years ago while taking courses in food preservation. They realized then that they shared an obsessive interest in fermentation and wanted to use their expertise to provide fermentation and preservation supplies and starter kits to those who share their passion or wish to nourish their bodies naturally. They are excited about the increasing popularity of culturing in Texas and want to provide easy access to the tools needed for both newcomers and seasoned experts of the craft.

Fermented Food Products We Provide in Texas

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NW Ferments offers a wide range of culture starters kits and fermentation supplies in Texas and other kindred cities across the country. Some of our most popular products include:

We also provide many resources to learn the craft of fermentation and food preservation through step-by-step guides and practical, easy recipes. Some of our favorite recipes include:

Take pride in crafting your own healthy, fermented foods. Get involved in the art of food preservation. Get fermented with NW Ferments.

We Ship to Texas and the Mainland United States

While NW Ferments is based in the Pacific Northwest, we ship high-quality live culture starters to Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, and various other locations throughout the country.

NW Ferments provides top-quality starter cultures for home production. Our goal is to enable people to improve their health, save money, and live well. We offer a wealth of do-it-yourself and troubleshooting tips and recipes to help fermentation experts and novices around the country. Are you interested in affordable and accessible starter cultures and kits in Texas? Get shopping today!