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Canada has plenty of eager fermentation enthusiasts who are always looking for ways to add it to their diets. Making fermented foods at home is a great way to enjoy the benefits of probiotics and fermentation, but it can be time-consuming. Fermentation starter kits help save time by providing everything you need to get started, including a culture and instructions.

That's where NW Ferments comes in. We now ship our kits and products to Canada so that our passion can land at your doorstep. With some help from NW Ferments, you can enjoy the health and economic benefits of this ancient food preservation technique. 

Why Choose NW Ferments for Your Starter Kits?

Fermentation has many perks, including improved gut health and better nutrient absorption. Fermented foods also taste great and can be used in a variety of recipes.

However, many people don't have time to make fermented foods from scratch. And a lot of communities in Canada are too remote to have consistent access to the necessary ingredients. That's where our mail-order fermentation starter kits come in handy. These kits help you jump into the fermentation lifestyle and enjoy great success with your creations.

assortment of fermented foods we ship to North Carolina


Plenty of Fermented Kits and Recipes To Meet Your Needs

NW Ferments ships all over Canada and the US to ensure quick access to high-quality products. You can find all sorts of choices, including these popular items:

Once you have all the products you need, NW Ferments also has loads of recipes to keep your fermentation knowledge growing.

NW Ferments Is the Fermented Foods Online Shop for Canada

Whether you've been fermenting foods for years or are just starting to learn, NW Ferments has what you need. Our goal is to make the beauty and benefits of fermentation accessible to everyone. Shop for what you need today.