This direct-set culture is easy to use, and doesn’t require the maintenance of kefir grains.  It can be used with cow or goat milk, as well as juice, coconut milk or coconut water.  Comes with 2 packets starter culture.

You will need:

  • one quart canning jar or other glass jar
  • coffee filter or paper towel to cover jar, and elastic band to secure cover
  • wooden or plastic spoon
  • 4 cups milk
  • 1 packet Kefir Starter culture (save 2nd packet in freezer for future use)


1)  Put 2 cups of milk in the jar.  Sprinkle in the Kefir Starter and mix well.  Add the rest of the milk and mix again.  Cover with coffee filter & secure with elastic band.

2)  Allow to culture at room temperature (70-75 degrees).  Choose a draft free spot, out of direct sunlight, where your kefir won’t be disturbed.

3)  Check Kefir after 12 hours.  When ready, it will have thickened and have the consistency of heavy cream.  If not set, allow to culture for up to 6 more hours, checking every hour or two.  When set, cover with a tight lid and refrigerate until ready to use.

4)  Reserve back 1/4 cup of the Kefir for a second batch.  While this culture will not produce indefinitely, you often can get a few more batches.  Reculture within a week to keep the culture strong.  For the next batch, add 1/4 cup of finished Kefir to 4 cups milk.  Mix well.  Cover, secure and culture as before.

Enjoy your Kefir as is, flavored with fruit &/or honey, added to a smoothie, or use in baking.

Download instructions here.