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Danish Rye Sourdough – Make your own fiber-rich Rye sourdough with our Danish Rye Starter. Sourdough is one of the easiest of the ferments, and can be used for more than just bread. Reusable – by reserving a bit from each batch, you can continue to make Danish Rye Sourdough indefinitely!

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Ingredients: organic rye flour, live active cultures



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    I ordered the full kit with the booklet and the spoon and the jar cover and proofing cloth as well as the starter, and I’m so glad I did; I’m sure I could’ve scrounged up all those elements around my kitchen, but it was nice to have fresh dedicated materials to work with (and the jar cover cloth is far more cheerful than anything I would’ve found lying around here!). My Danish Rye starter woke right up and took off, and I made my first loaf about a week after I got the starter going. The flavor is absolutely delicious, that perfect balance of sour and sweet you want in a complex bread, and I’m starting up my next loaf later today. Thanks, Sue and Wendy, for creating a really unique, empowering (and tasty) resource!

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