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Garlicky Kraut

I don’t steer too far from the norm when it comes to sauerkraut, but I do love garlic and have witnessed some yummy sauerkraut made by friends that use a lot more than just cabbage. It’s never a bad time to restock my sauerkraut supply either! Instead of having whole cloves of garlic, I chose to press mine. I think that opens up more surface area and garlic juices so the fermenting can be efficient. Plus, eating the fermented pressed garlic might be easier than a whole clove! There are many recipes to make sauerkraut, but basically you are just chopping or shredding the cabbage, pounding and pressing it to release the natural juices, then submerging it under a salt...

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Learning More About My Danish Rye Sourdough Starter

by Suzanne Time for a little honesty: I got bored with fermenting. I have been fermenting for years, and I was in a rut. I had done it all, over and over, and I was all but ready to give it up for something more exciting. Enter the Danish Rye Sourdough Starter. What a blast! There’s nothing else quite like it. Most of my ferments, once prepared, just kinda sit there...kombucha, sauerkraut, even water kefir. But with sourdough, it is so much fun to stir, check on bubbles, then peruse recipes and find fun things to bake! With all my experimenting, I have learned a few important rules about my sourdough starter. Some are no-brainers if you are an experienced...

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What to do with a ton of garlic scapes?

By Jerri What to do? FERMENT THEM of course! Garlic scapes are the curly part of the garlic stalk that shoots up before garlic is ready to be harvested. You remove the scapes so that the energy for growth goes toward the bulb in its final stage, and not the upper part of the plant. They can be used just like garlic, so why not try fermenting them? I planted these last fall, with my Sarge watching for squirrels: What a difference today! So these were sitting on my counter in some water, but I just wasn’t ready to put them in a recipe. I could have refrigerated them for a few weeks, but hey, let’s see what happens when...

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WAKE UP! Activating Dried and Sleepy Milk Kefir Grains

by Jerri Dried Milk Kefir Grains are awesome to work with, or to have on hand as a back up for current grains. NWFerments can help you get started if you've always wanted to start on that probiotically awesome journey! You'll notice the dried grains will have some larger pieces along with some smaller pieces, and that they are brownish in color€.oh, and they smell a bit pungent! All normal so make sure you have a good quality, regularly pasteurized milk to get started. I lucked out with some organic milk that was marked down, but still had plenty of days before its best by date. You'll need a quart jar, and just 1 cup of milk to get started....

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Kombucha Gets a New Life, with Strawberries!

by Jerri I recently tried second fermenting my kombucha brew (no scoby involved, hit the road baby!). It did get more pop and fizz to it, but the flavor was pretty blah. Lucky for me, I have frozen strawberries on hand all year long for smoothies, so let's put some pizazz in my booch! It's super easy! Because I can't fathom the idea of getting strawberries in and out of a Grolsch-style bottle, I took a chance on a mason jar and a new seal/lid. If the seal is good, it should hold in any gasses that form so I can get carbonation and a good second ferment. Assemble your goodies “ this a quart size jar. I prefer to...

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