We offer a variety of kits to get you started down your culturing path.  They include supplies, ingredients, and literature helpful in the process, along with the starter culture and instructions.  Whether you’d like to start baking your own delicious, additive-free sourdough bread, or make your own gut-healthy Kombucha or Water Kefir, we’ve got you covered!

Consider it a healthy science project, and get the kids involved!  Impress your friends- they’ll all want to know “what’s that in the jar?”.  Be the envy of the neighborhood (ok, maybe that’s pushing it)!  Also, starter kits make a great gift for your foodie- or health-minded friends & family.

Sourdough Kits include:  your choice of sourdough starter culture (San Francisco, Camaldoli, Yukon, Whole Wheat, Danish Rye, Brown Rice), the book “Baking With Sourdough” by Sara Pitzer, a flour sack kitchen towel for proofing, wooden spoon, reusable cloth jar cover, elastic band, and instructions.

Kombucha Kits include:  Kombucha starter culture (SCOBY), the book “Kombucha-Health Promoting Brew” by Diana Allen, 2 oz. organic English Breakfast black tea, plastic strainer, reusable cloth teabag, reusable cloth jar cover, elastic band, and instructions.

Water Kefir Kits include:  Water Kefir starter culture (grains), the book “Fermenting Vol.4- Water Kefir” by Rashelle Johnson, 2 oz. organic evaporated cane sugar, plastic strainer, reusable cloth jar cover, elastic band and instructions.

So what are you waiting for?  We make it easy- let’s Get Fermented!