Online Fermented Food Shop in San Francisco

San Francisco and the Bay Area often rank near the top of annual “healthy cities” lists. This is because residents know the value of taking care of their health and wellness, and they understand that fermented foods can play a significant role in this lifestyle.

NW Ferments is happy to bring the health benefits of fermented foods and beverages to San Franciscans. Our convenient online shop makes it simple to get the supplies and knowledge needed to enjoy the fermented life. 

Fermentation Is the “Cool Kid” In Town in San Francisco

There’s just no debate: fermentation is awesome. It’s a beautiful blend of science and art and supports a healthy lifestyle no matter where you live. The NW Ferments founders learned this truth when they bonded in a food preservation class. They quickly became BFFs - Best Fermenters Forever - and have been exploring the fermented world ever since.

assortment of fermented foods we ship to North Carolina

NW Ferments offers San Francisco residents everything they need to add fermented food to their daily lives with a vast catalog of products. Some of the most popular options for those in The City include:

Many San Franciscans are ready to dive into more complex recipes. Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites:

Ready to “Rise” with NW Ferments?

We love fermented foods and think you will, too. Whether you’re brand new to this nutritious form of food preservation or are an established pro, NW Ferments has what you need. Take advantage of our books, tips, and products designed to support you in your fermentation journey.

While we are based in Oregon, we ship our high-quality live culture starters and kits to California, North Carolina, Texas, and various other locations throughout the country. Get shopping today!