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Sourdough Starter Sampler

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Can't decide on a Sourdough Starter?  Try a trio to find your favorite or just to mix things up!


San Francisco Sourdough Starter - Fresh and tangy sourdough

Desem Sourdough Starter (Whole Wheat) - Whole grain sourdough

Danish Rye Sourdough Starter - Fiber rich rye sourdough

Comes in reusable gift bag!

3x .13 oz (3.6g)


Sourdough is one of the easiest of the ferments and can be used for more than just bread. Reusable- by reserving a bit from each batch.

You will receive: 1 packet of dehydrated San Francisco Sourdough starter culture, 1 packet of dehydrated Desem Sourdough (Whole Wheat) starter culture, 1 packet of dehydrated Danish Rye Sourdough starter culture

San Francisco Sourdough Ingredients: organic unbleached white flour, live active cultures

Desem Sourdough Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, live active cultures

Danish Sourdough Ingredients: organic rye flour, live active cultures



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