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Kombucha Gets a New Life, with Strawberries!

by Jerri I recently tried second fermenting my kombucha brew (no scoby involved, hit the road baby!). It did get more pop and fizz to it, but the flavor was pretty blah. Lucky for me, I have frozen strawberries on hand all year long for smoothies, so let's put some pizazz in my booch! It's super easy! Because I can't fathom the idea of getting strawberries in and out of a Grolsch-style bottle, I took a chance on a mason jar and a new seal/lid. If the seal is good, it should hold in any gasses that form so I can get carbonation and a good second ferment. Assemble your goodies “ this a quart size jar. I prefer to...

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Easy Peasy-Let's Make Cheesy!

by Stacie Before We Talk Kombucha Cheese... The first time I tell people that I make cheese, they inevitably look shocked. "You MAKE cheese?" they say, and look impressed. The truth is, there is no reason to be impressed. Cheese is easy, and I firmly believe that with a little practice and help, anyone can make it. Cheese is one of the oldest foods on the planet. The legend is that one ancient day, a shepherd child used a sheep or goat's stomach as a convenient milk pail. The rennet in the stomach caused the milk to curdle, and everyone realized that the resulting curds and whey were delicious. Most modern cheeses are slightly more complicated than that, but not...

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Kombucha Candy

by Suzanne Recently, I took my son to Rooks Barber Shop for his semi-annual haircut (don't ask!). As I was watching the hair fall to the floor, it somehow reminded me of periodically removing the scoby from my kombucha jar when it gets too thick. I realize it's a stretch for some of you, but when you have fermentation on the brain all the time, as I do, then practically everything relates somehow! That brings me to today's topic: what to do with the numerous scobys that build up in your kombucha jar. By far the easiest thing to do is to just toss them out. But that seems pretty heartless, especially if you get attached to your ferments the...

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