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WAKE UP! Activating Dried and Sleepy Milk Kefir Grains

by Jerri Dried Milk Kefir Grains are awesome to work with, or to have on hand as a back up for current grains. NWFerments can help you get started if you've always wanted to start on that probiotically awesome journey! You'll notice the dried grains will have some larger pieces along with some smaller pieces, and that they are brownish in color€.oh, and they smell a bit pungent! All normal so make sure you have a good quality, regularly pasteurized milk to get started. I lucked out with some organic milk that was marked down, but still had plenty of days before its best by date. You'll need a quart jar, and just 1 cup of milk to get started....

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FAQS - Heirloom Thermophilic Yogurt

FAQs: Can I use Ultra Pasteurized milk? There is nothing else at the store. NEVER EVER use Ultra Pastuerized milk or Flash or UP or UHT or HTST milk. It's cooked, dead milk, and cultures cannot survive in it. Always use milk that states only pasteurized on the label. Also new to the market is ultra-filtered milk, one brand in particular says there is no lactose, which is what your bacteria needs to eat. The fact alone it is overly processed is bad news for a living culture.   I have access to raw milk. Can I use it? Yes, you have two choices. 1) Properly pasteurize the raw milk and continue with the normal directions. 2) If you want...

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Homemade Nut Milk for Vegan Yogurt Starter

by Jerri I've personally never seen a Vegan Yogurt Starter work with commercial nut milks (coconut is not a nut, so I'm not referring to coconut milk). Perhaps there are just too many additives, or the process of creating the nut milk does not lend itself to the bacteria taking hold successfully. Don't waste your money and sanity trying, because in a few steps and the wait of an overnight soak, you can easily make your own€and bonus nut pulp to later use in other cooking endeavors! Almond milk is super popular. Here's how it's done in my kitchen for a 1-quart batch. Note: The Vegan Yogurt Starter can do as much as two quarts per packet. Soak 1 cup...

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