Wonderful, Versatile Milk Kefir!


Milk kefir has many uses, besides the obvious - drinking it plain. It contains  wonderful, gut-healing bacteria that aids in digestion, overall health, and just flat out makes your belly feel good!


Blend with fruits, veggies, chia or hemp seeds, a touch of honey- and you've got yourself a powerful probiotic breakfast or afternoon pickme-up ! The kids will never know how healthy their snack really is.


Add milk kefir to any recipe in place of milk or buttermilk. It adds an extra punch of nutrition, as well as a tangy flavor to pancakes, waffles, biscuits & quick breads.

Pet Food Supplement

Your animals will go nuts for milk kefir! Mix a little in with their food every day, and they will thank you for it. Our furry friends benefit from good bacteria just as much as we do!

Sour Cream

Grow your milk kefir grains in heavy cream instead of milk. It makes a great substitute for sour cream or creme fraiche!

Skin Care

The acids in milk kefir make a nourishing treat for hands & face. Use as a mask and rinse with warm water & a wash cloth. The possibilities are practically endless, use your imagination!