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Yogurt Starter Instructions - Thermophilic (heated culturing)

Greek and Bulgarian Yogurts come with 2 packets starter culture

You will need:

  • saucepan to heat the milk
  • wooden or plastic spoon
  • yogurt thermometer
  • yogurt maker
  • 1 quart milk
  • 1 packet Yogurt starter culture (save 2nd packet in freezer for future use)

Activate your starter culture:

1)  Stirring frequently, heat 1 quart milk to 160 degrees.  Clip yogurt thermometer to side of saucepan to monitor temperature.  Once heated to 160, allow to cool to 110 degrees.

2)  Pour the cooled milk into yogurt maker insert.  Add starter culture packet and mix thoroughly.  Cover and incubate in yogurt maker for 5-12 hours.  Check after 5 hours to see if it has set (when set, it will move away from the side of the container in a solid mass, instead of running up the side of the container).  If not set, allow to culture for up to 7 more hours, checking every 30-60 minutes.  Once set, allow to cool a bit, then cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.  Your cultured yogurt can now be eaten.  Be sure to reserve some back for your next batch.

Making the next batch:

1)  Heat 1 quart milk to 160 degrees.  Cool to 110 degrees.

2)  Pour cooled milk into yogurt maker insert.  Add 1/4 cup finished yogurt and mix well.  Cover & incubate in yogurt maker for 5-8 hours (this batch will culture faster).  After 5 hours, check every 30-60 minutes until set.  Once set, allow to cool a bit, then cover & refrigerate for 6 hours. Always remember to reserve back at least 1/4 cup of finished yogurt for the next batch.  Try to make a new batch at least every 7 days to keep your culture strong.  Always use the freshest batch as your starter. For thicker yogurt, use 1 part heavy cream to 3 parts whole milk, or strain through a yogurt bag or layered cheesecloth to remove some of the whey (save the whey for other uses!).

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