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Vegan Yogurt Starter Instructions (Direct-set)

This non dairy, direct-set yogurt is easy to use and doesn't require the maintenance of an ongoing starter. It does require the use of a yogurt maker. Comes with 4 packets of starter culture. You will need: saucepan for heating milk yogurt thermometer wooden or plastic spoon yogurt maker 1 packet Vegan yogurt starter ( save the other packets in freezer for future use) 1 to 2 quarts alternative milk (soy or rice work best) Note: to get a thicker yogurt when using coconut, rice or almond milk, you can add a carbohydrate source (sugar) & a thickener (agar agar, pectin or gelatin). Directions: Stirring frequently, heat milk to 110° F. (clip yogurt thermometer to side of pan to monitor temperature)....

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