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Yogurt Starter Instructions - Thermophilic (Heated Culturing)

 Greek and Bulgarian Yogurts come with 2 packets starter culture. You will need: saucepan to heat the milk wooden or plastic spoon yogurt thermometer yogurt maker 1 quart milk 1 packet Yogurt starter culture (save 2nd packet in freezer for future use) Activate your starter culture: Stirring frequently, heat 1 quart milk to 160° F. Clip yogurt thermometer to side of saucepan to monitor temperature. Once heated to 160° F., allow to cool to 110° F. Pour the cooled milk into yogurt maker insert. Add starter culture packet and mix thoroughly. Cover and incubate in yogurt maker for 5-12 hours. Check after 5 hours to see if it has set (when set, it will move away from the side of the...

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