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Tempeh Starter Instructions

Comes with 2 packets Tempeh starter culture Note:  A food dehydrator is the best way to maintain the proper temperature (80 to 90 degrees) while culturing your Tempeh.  Use a thermometer to monitor temperature. You will need:  6-8 quart pot for soaking, then boiling soybeans large bowl colander thermometer kitchen towel, paper towels, or hair dryer to dry beans thoroughly food dehydrator (or other means of maintaining 85-90 degree temp) 3 quart-sized plastic zip bags that have been perforated with pin holes that are 1 inch apart 2 cups dry soybeans (other dry beans can also be used) 2 tablespoons white vinegar 1 packet Tempeh starter culture (save other packet in freezer for future use) Directions: 1)  The beans will...

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