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Using Rejuvelac for Cashew Cheese and Chevre

by Jerri

Remember the previous article on rejuvelac? Did you seek out Miyoko Schinner's Artisan Vegan Cheese book yet? Get ready for a scrumptious kick for your yummy sourdough bread creations!

Cashew "cheese" or one step farther as "chevre" is an absolute delight for those of us who cannot have dairy, or are living a vegan lifestyle. Here's a brief overview, but you'll have to check out Schinner's book to get recipes. She's amazing, and there are more recipes you'll want to try out anyway!

Let's talk about how to get to the filling pictured below:


Although the œcheese has a sour flavor, the œchevre is all the more intense with its added nutritional yeast, salt and aging time. In the coconut biscuits above (which you could make using our Gluten Free Sourdough Starter), the chevre was fantastic. We have also mixed chevre in with our dull soups and stews for the tang!

You'll start by soaking your cashews, only for 3-8 hours or they will get slimy, and thus useless.


Drain the liquid and put the cashews in your blender or food processor. You'll be adding a tiny bit of salt along with your already-made rejuvelac.


Blend away. Yes, I am blending directly in a regular mouth mason jar! Neatest shortcut EVER.


It should look like this:


You'll culture this for about 1½ days, in a warm spot (avoid the cold granite countertop). Refrigerate at least 8-12 hours, and it's ready to enjoy as œcheese.

However, if you want some additional yumminess...


add more salt and nutritional yeast for an aging period in your fridge. The longer you age, the tastier it is! It will last a few a few weeks total, so be sure to write the date on your jars.


You are ready for sandwiches, toast, soups, and anything needing some pizazz. Hurry up and Get Fermented!