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Sima? What? Why?

by Jerri Vappu (May Day) is celebrated May 1st in Finland, usually for an entire week. It's said this Finnish holiday rivals that of Christmas and Easter! Banks and government offices (liquor stores too!) are all closed. Originally in the 1700s, the upper class would go horseback riding to enjoy the new greenness of spring “ since the 1800s, it morphed into university students celebrating academic achievements. Today it also includes workers, with everyone celebrating not only students' successes, but the current spring weather and the coming of the summer solstice. Celebrations actually start on April 30th, vappuaatto, or Vappu Eve. This is when the statue symbolic of Helsinki, The Daughter of the Baltic Sea (Havis Amanda), is cleaned and...

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Prevention and Treatment of Kahm Yeast

by Jerri Recently, I wrote a pretty general post about kahm yeast. It's been a few weeks with my fermentation project, and here's what I have on my counter now:  The jar in the middle has the culprit on top, but all three jars have the same hot peppers and the same brine concentration, as well as their fermentation spot is the same granite countertop. I still think it's weirdly beautiful, but after more research online about how other avid fermenters wage their war with this harmless yeast, here's what was found to help YOU win the war, or at least suture the wounds:   Preventing Kahm Yeast:   Ferment in cooler room temps, 70º and below - if you...

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Kahm Yeast...Ew?

by Jerri Even in an airlock container, a vegetable ferment can turn wonky. What is more perplexing, is having the exact same ferment in different jars, side by side, and one is wonkier than the other. The jar on the right - what IS that layer on top? Is it time to freak out? You probably did everything the same: sterilization of equipment, same ingredients from the same garden or farmer (hot peppers in my case), same ratios, on the same counter - YOU WORKED SO HARD. Why? Is that one batch ruined? Luckily, the wonkiness was not mold, but instead that interesting phenomenon called kahm yeast. In Sandor Katz's ginormous orange book, €œThe Art of Fermentation,€ he describes kahm...

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