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Using Rejuvelac to Make Dairy-Free Vegan Sour Cream

by Jerri **Please note that the stew picture is NOT vegan - the sour cream however is, as we are a dairy free family. Continuing with the wonders of culturing with rejuvelac, we move on to Vegan "Sour Cream" again, the recipe being found in Miyoko Schinner's book Artisan Vegan Cheese, which I know by now you've finally secured and drooled over. RIGHT? Sour cream without all the fuss and junk found at the grocery store? Yep, you can do it, with cashews, water, rejuvelac, and sea salt. And a blender. And a regular mouth mason jar (no need for a big ole bulky blender cup!). Can't you just taste the sourdough bread dipped in your soup or stew, topped...

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Trying Again: Vegan Yogurt with Homemade Almond Milk and Agar Agar Powder

by Jerri Someone out there is successfully making almond milk yogurt with agar agar powder, and I want to join the ranks! I'm giving it another go this week! In my first attempt, I tried a heaping teaspoon of agar agar powder (not flakes) added to my homemade almond milk. I heated it slowly to 110ºF, added the culture, and then let it ferment in my Instant Pot. It fermented well, tasting tart, but the thickening did not happen. I successfully experimented with guar gum to thicken it after the fact, and my husband then enjoyed strawberry vegan yogurt for the next week in his smoothies. This time, I'm adding a lot more agar agar powder, but keeping everything else...

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Experiment: Vegan Yogurt with Homemade Almond Milk and Agar Agar

Most vegan yogurt made at home is going to need thickening help. Unless you're using commercial soy milk with little to no additives, or coconut milk with guar gum, there's just no magical way to make it thicken by adding the culture to milksorry! Such is the case with nut or seed milks. In my experience, I have yet to see a commercial nut or seed milk even culture, let alone thicken. Homemade milk and a thickener is the best combinational chance of success. Today, to stay truly vegan, let's experiment with the Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture with homemade almond milk and agar agar. The Instant Pot is the craze these days for making yogurt. I highly recommend IP owners...

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