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Rye Sourdough

by Suzanne When my children were young, it was easy to maintain the diet I thought best. I am in charge of grocery shopping and cooking, so basically they ate what I put on the table, and it worked really well. We were all healthy and no one knew anything different.  And now, the teen years. As my children get older and more independent, they are discovering all sorts of processed foods, some better than others. And most contain ingredients I would never have chosen for them. But it's time to let them make their own decisions€and subtly add in some healthier choices when I can.  We've been avoiding grains for years, but in order to provide some food 'like...

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Varieties of Sourdough

by Kim "How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?" This quote, said famously by baker Julia Child, sums up our feelings perfectly about the bread available today.Thus it warms our heart, just like the ovens of America, that we've seen so many people taking it upon themselves to produce their sourdough bread. People are moving wisely away from commercially produced bread, it's high sugar and additive contents, and towards recipes where they know exactly what's going into it. What we've seen, though, is the overwhelming amount of options. You decide to bake sourdough bread, and the question isn't how to do it, but which variety to choose (luckily you didn't live in ancient Greece, where...

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Easiest Fermented Foods to Start With

by Kim We're so happy to see fermentation making such a comeback in America. Stop - it's not just because we are a company that sells starter cultures. Stop being cynical. We're happy because the process that doctors have called one of the most valuable additions to diets is being embraced again by the public. We will provide you with enough information to get you started with the easiest fermented foods first. We're also glad that people no longer see fermentation as such a laborious process because it isn't. It may seem that way, but it can be done effectively at home, and save you tons in grocery costs. A jar of sauerkraut can cost $8 at the co-op; meanwhile,...

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