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Mesophilic Yogurt: Viili

by Jerri At NW Ferments we absolutely LOVE the mesophilic (a.k.a. œroom temperature) yogurts. We carry the Matsoni, Filmjolk, and Piima, but today we are rehydrating and using the Viili culture. I have a special interest in this one because my daughter is spending her junior year abroad in Finland, where Viili hails from! Our product description says: Make your own creamy & mildly flavored Viili Yogurt. Originally from Finland, this heirloom variety is mesophilic, meaning that it will culture at room temperature (70-77 degrees). No yogurt maker is required. Reusable- by reserving a bit from each batch, you can continue to make Viili Yogurt indefinitely! However, this time of year, if you don't have a spot in your home...

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Using Raw Milk with the Thermophilic and Mesophilic Yogurt Cultures

by Jerri If you have access to raw milk, you may be wondering how to use it with your heirloom yogurt cultures. If you want your yogurt to be as raw as possible, there is an extra step/batch that often is misunderstood, but necessary. Waaaaaait for it. You have to heat your raw milk for the mother culture batches. WHAT? HEAT precious raw milk? But that's an abominable act, right? Not to fret, we'll help you make as raw yogurt as possible, while ensuring your beloved mother culture bacteria will live as long as it can, generation after generation. It's actually very simple. First, you have to understand it is because of the naturally bionic, super strong, amazing bacteria in...

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