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Rye Sourdough

by Suzanne When my children were young, it was easy to maintain the diet I thought best. I am in charge of grocery shopping and cooking, so basically they ate what I put on the table, and it worked really well. We were all healthy and no one knew anything different.  And now, the teen years. As my children get older and more independent, they are discovering all sorts of processed foods, some better than others. And most contain ingredients I would never have chosen for them. But it's time to let them make their own decisions€and subtly add in some healthier choices when I can.  We've been avoiding grains for years, but in order to provide some food 'like...

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International Holiday Foods and Ways to Make Them Fermented!

I've always enjoyed learning how to make foods from around the world. Discovering new ingredients and methods not only helps to broaden your palate, it also gives you a little insight into different cultures. Ingredients are often chosen because of availability- what is most easily grown, foraged or purchased. The best methods are those that are passed on from generation to generation- lovingly taught or deciphered from well-worn hand written recipes. Celebrations are an especially good time to reconnect with old traditions and memories, or better yet start some new ones! Each culture has it's own unique dishes- some eaten regularly, some reserved for holidays and special occasions. Fermented foods are often a part of these meals, but if not,...

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Cream Cheese Recipe

by Suzanne With all the summer fruits available these days, my mind turns to thoughts of something creamy and delicious to accompany them. It needs to be quick and easy though, as my days are busy and full. How about cream cheese? Cream cheese is so easy to make. And as always, making it from scratch allows you to use the best ingredients and leave out all those fillers and thickeners found in store-bought cream cheese. Remember, avoid ultra-pasteurized dairy products for fermenting. Organic is always a good choice, but many local dairies use organic practices without the organic certification. Do a little research before you buy, to find the freshest dairy available. Now, let's get started. Ingredients: 2 quarts...

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