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Kicking it Making Kimchi

Kimchi can have many, many versions of itself…its origin is known to be Korea, and I personally liken it to a spicy, hot, glorified sauerkraut...scrumptious for those who like some pizazz! To get some of that great flavor, you can do very simple recipes that don’t require months of fermenting buried in the ground…just a few days on your counter! Know that it’s always “better” to ferment and age things longer – the flavors intensify and change over time, and it’s just fantastic. Set up your station and let’s get going! Your kimchi may include: ginger, garlic, green onions, radishes, Napa cabbage (I’ve done regular cabbage when Napa is not available), and red pepper flakes/powder or the Korean version: gochugaru....

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