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What to do with a ton of garlic scapes?

By Jerri What to do? FERMENT THEM of course! Garlic scapes are the curly part of the garlic stalk that shoots up before garlic is ready to be harvested. You remove the scapes so that the energy for growth goes toward the bulb in its final stage, and not the upper part of the plant. They can be used just like garlic, so why not try fermenting them? I planted these last fall, with my Sarge watching for squirrels: What a difference today! So these were sitting on my counter in some water, but I just wasn’t ready to put them in a recipe. I could have refrigerated them for a few weeks, but hey, let’s see what happens when...

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Who Doesn't Love Garlic? Ferment it!

by Jerri Garlic is my absolute favorite food to ferment. I am lost without a jar full of fermented garlic in my fridge, and it's a life/time-saver when cooking meals. There was a time I would even press cloves in the morning as part of my children's daily supplement routine. Now that it is fall in Oregon, it's time to plant the garlic so that it can grow long roots over the winter and spring, and then be harvested in the summer. My garlic comes from Eastern Oregon from a wonderful farmer who specializes in garlic seed. My sweet pup is here on squirrel watch while I plant the cloves:  The chicken wire is meant to help keep critters, mainly...

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