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Sour Cream

by Jerri Making sour cream is so easy! You, too, can get this lovely glop of goodness! It's all possible with cream and a mesophilic (room temperature) culture called Flora Danica. Remember, the cream cannot be Ultra Pasteurized. Reliable results are rarenot worth the risk. I was only able to find heavy whipping cream but it worked great! Just look at the beautiful chunk of loveliness in the cream! Now to begin.you'll need : And give yourself time, about 16-18 hours for it to culture plan ahead on some scratch paper so you are awake or home to check at end of the culturing period. I chose a Tuesday night at 9 pm and it was done at 3 pm...

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Buttermilk with Flora Danica

by Jerri I've never had a need to make buttermilk. It always seemed like it was meant for drinking or in pancakes, neither of which we'd be able to do since we're, for the most part, a gluten and dairy free family. But, it's been fun to dabble and post about the cheese cultures lately, straying to taste test...so I asked a beloved kitchen keeper and she said, Sure! You can make buttermilk with the Flora Danica! Well, okay then! My steps: Heated 1 quart pasteurized whole organic milk to 185ºF Held the milk as best I could around 185ºF for 35-40 minutes Cooled to 77ºF Stirred in the Flora Danica. Insulated it in the same pot with an emergency...

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