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Who Doesn't Love Garlic? Ferment it!

by Jerri Garlic is my absolute favorite food to ferment. I am lost without a jar full of fermented garlic in my fridge, and it's a life/time-saver when cooking meals. There was a time I would even press cloves in the morning as part of my children's daily supplement routine. Now that it is fall in Oregon, it's time to plant the garlic so that it can grow long roots over the winter and spring, and then be harvested in the summer. My garlic comes from Eastern Oregon from a wonderful farmer who specializes in garlic seed. My sweet pup is here on squirrel watch while I plant the cloves:  The chicken wire is meant to help keep critters, mainly...

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Fermented Radishes

by Suzanne Recently I was running around outside playing tag with some kids, forgetting I was -ahem- middle-aged.  I lunged to the side to tag someone and my knee gave out.  Youch!  So I was not able to get around too well for a couple of weeks. The worst thing about not being able to walk, aside from having a hard time making it to the bathroom, is that it totally messed up my fermenting schedule!  Springtime is great for fresh produce, but when last year's dill pickles have long been eaten, I get a craving for a little something sour.  Fermented radishes have just the right crunch to satisfy my pickle craving until the cukes are ready. With my...

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Easiest Fermented Foods to Start With

by Kim We're so happy to see fermentation making such a comeback in America. Stop - it's not just because we are a company that sells starter cultures. Stop being cynical. We're happy because the process that doctors have called one of the most valuable additions to diets is being embraced again by the public. We will provide you with enough information to get you started with the easiest fermented foods first. We're also glad that people no longer see fermentation as such a laborious process because it isn't. It may seem that way, but it can be done effectively at home, and save you tons in grocery costs. A jar of sauerkraut can cost $8 at the co-op; meanwhile,...

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Process of Fermentation

by Kim You've seen a SCOBY. Do you ever wonder how the heck that flimsy disc of jelly is the link between sugary tea and a good glass of Kombucha? Please allow us to explain the process of fermentation. We're going to use some big words, but it's not that complex a process. The work of fermentation is the conversion of sugars into acids, gasses, or alcohol. That's it. Anything else reverts to that. Interestingly, fermentation has been a naturally-occurring process since forever. For one, it happens naturally in mammalian muscles - it's the production of lactic acid during intense exercise, i.e. when animals need energy faster than blood can supply oxygen. Humans have used it in food and drink...

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