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MA 11 + Animal Rennet = Chevre Cheese-a-licious!

Making your own homemade Chevre is rewarding and delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet, let’s go! Chevre can be made with multiple cultures: Aromatic B, MA 11, and of course the Chevre culture. The Chevre culture is all-in-one, requiring no additional rennet. The Aromatic B and MA 11 cultures will need either vegetable rennet tablets, liquid vegetable rennet, or liquid animal rennet. I have made chevre with the veggie rennet tablets, so today I’m working with animal rennet to coagulate my MA 11 infused raw goat milk! The MA 11 comes with four packets, but you’ll only need one for an ENTIRE gallon’s worth of milk! If you start in the early evening, it will be ready by the end of the next day! Here’s how I...

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Feta Cheese

by Jerri Have you thought about making feta? You CAN do it! Gather your supplies, including the culture for Feta Cheese from NWFerments. This is not an all-in-one direct set like some cheeses, so you'll need to get animal rennet or vegetable rennet as well!  Mine is made with a portion of the vegetable rennet tablet. The process is straight forward, but be sure to get our directions and read them thoroughly several days in advance. You do not want to get started and then have a hiccup. Heat the milk very slowly on low heat to 86ºF. Add culture to surface of milk, wait a few minutes, then stir well. Let it sit for 1 hour at room temperature....

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Don't Cry Over Overheated Milk! Farmers Cheese Anyone?

by Jerri I was in a hurry. I thought, I've done this a million times, set the timer, and walked away from the stove to do another part of the yogurt project. My cow's milk was slowly warming over medium heat for a rebatch of Greek yogurt. It was only supposed to reach 160ºF, so 15 minutes in when steam was rising from the pot, I freaked. As the numbers on the thermometer rose beyond 160 and up into the 180s, I held back the tears, and remembered I had lemon juice. Lemon juice! I poured the overheated milk into a bowl, grabbed the lemon juice, and as I dumped it in while stirring I thought, How much lemon juice...

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Cottage Cheese with the Aromatic B Cheese Culture

by Jerri I am certainly no expert, but I love experimenting. So the intro picture resembles cottage cheese, and ended up tasting sourly divine, but did I really make cottage cheese? In another blog post, cottage cheese was attempted using the MA 11. Did that truly work? It can also be made with the Flora Danica and the Aromatic B. This time I opted for Aromatic B to see how it compared to the MA 11. I followed our same directionsexcept when my stove didn't cooperate I slowly heated it to 72º (which happens fast, even when done slowly). After removing it from the heat, I added the diluted Calcium Chloride, since I used storebought pasteurized milk and this helps...

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Simple Chevre and Simple Bread

by Suzanne I love Ottolenghi's cookbooks. I just do. The photos alone are worth a browse, even if you don't cook at all. His newest book, Simple, is no exception. As I was getting deep into it, I came across an interesting quick bread recipe, nothing like I'd ever made before. I knew immediately that I had to try it. This would be no half-hearted attempt, however. I was determined to make the goat cheese and sour cream from scratch, to make this bread really amazing. Making sour cream is a breeze using cultured buttermilk as a starter. Making your own fresh chevre is just as simple, so I decided to go that route for this bread recipe. To make...

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