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Prevention and Treatment of Kahm Yeast

by Jerri Recently, I wrote a pretty general post about kahm yeast. It's been a few weeks with my fermentation project, and here's what I have on my counter now:  The jar in the middle has the culprit on top, but all three jars have the same hot peppers and the same brine concentration, as well as their fermentation spot is the same granite countertop. I still think it's weirdly beautiful, but after more research online about how other avid fermenters wage their war with this harmless yeast, here's what was found to help YOU win the war, or at least suture the wounds:   Preventing Kahm Yeast:   Ferment in cooler room temps, 70º and below - if you...

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An Intro to Yogurt

by Suzanne Trying to add probiotics to your diet but not sure how to get started? Enter Yogurt! Yogurt is the best introduction to probiotic foods you can find, and the whole family will love it! Why Make Yogurt At Home? Yogurt is familiar to nearly everyone, so it's easy to add to your daily meal plan. Kids love it! It mixes well with so many foods: berries, granola, nuts, and shredded coconut, just to name a few. Yogurt is also a wonderful addition to savory foods. Try a spoonful of plain yogurt atop beef stew, pasta, or any dish you would normally add sour cream to. When you make your own yogurt at home, you know exactly what the...

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Varieties of Sourdough

by Kim "How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?" This quote, said famously by baker Julia Child, sums up our feelings perfectly about the bread available today.Thus it warms our heart, just like the ovens of America, that we've seen so many people taking it upon themselves to produce their sourdough bread. People are moving wisely away from commercially produced bread, it's high sugar and additive contents, and towards recipes where they know exactly what's going into it. What we've seen, though, is the overwhelming amount of options. You decide to bake sourdough bread, and the question isn't how to do it, but which variety to choose (luckily you didn't live in ancient Greece, where...

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