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Sour Cream

by Jerri

Making sour cream is so easy! You, too, can get this lovely glop of goodness! It's all possible with cream and a mesophilic (room temperature) culture called Flora Danica. Remember, the cream cannot be Ultra Pasteurized. Reliable results are rarenot worth the risk. I was only able to find heavy whipping cream but it worked great!


Just look at the beautiful chunk of loveliness in the cream!


Now to begin.you'll need

: sour-cream-4

And give yourself time, about 16-18 hours for it to culture plan ahead on some scratch paper so you are awake or home to check at end of the culturing period. I chose a Tuesday night at 9 pm and it was done at 3 pm Wednesday! All you do is add the packet to the cream in a jar, and mix well. Cover with a breathable cover and set it somewhere warm/room temperature for 16-18 hours. It's done when it pulls away from the side of the jar in one big mass. Mine was scoop-able.


Cover it with a lid and refrigerate for at least 6 hours. Holy sour cream, did it thicken up even MORE in the fridge!


Now my husband test-smelled the sour cream when it was done, and agreed it smelled fantastic. But when it came to using it at dinner, he totally balked and grabbed a commercial brand to use. I begged him to try the one I'd made, and he reluctantly did. When it was time for our son to eat his dinner (wrestling practice makes dinner time as a family hard!), I heard him say, Use the sour cream your mom made! It's way better than the store stuff, even though I hate to admit when your mom is right! HA HA HA HA. Win for the culturing mama, and we've been loving this quart of sour cream all week long! This will be good for approximately a week in your fridge! ENJOY!

Just a note: you can also make goat milk cheeses, Havarti, baby Swiss, gouda, edam, bleu, cultured butter, buttermilk, and creme fraiche with Flora Danica! What are you waiting for? Get Fermented!