Eau de Kombucha (an Ode to Kombucha)

Oh kombucha...Sour, tangy, nostril-searing, eye-burning. Some want nothing to do with the distinctive (pun intended) smell & taste. There are definitely two breeds of people: kombucha lovers & not-so-lovers. You either like it or you don't-not much grey area there. I have grown to adore the taste and don't really mind the smell. I'm always amused by the reactions of new visitors & delivery people at our facility. We ARE quite fragrant, but that is all part of our mystique ;) The aromas of fermentation can be pungent & even off-putting to some, but not to me. It gets my tummy grumbling in anticipation of that gut-healthy goodness. Long may we crazy fermenters live, with our odd smells, regular bowels and love of experimentation. I'll take the stink of kombucha over Febreze any day!