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Kombucha Kamper at The Camp

It’s almost summer, and like others, time for Jerri to try shedding those pounds and inches! She’s been working hard, and today she thought she’d take me along for the trip – a probiotic boost during her High Intensity Interval Training! Wow, was I in for a ride!

Good grief, what time is it? Yeah, you’re reading that right…it’s early in the morning, peeps! Is she insane?

Those 5:00 a.m. workouts at The Camp are wearing her down, so she hoped some kombucha would be helpful today. I am perfectly fermented for about 6 days, and totally delicious with some ice cubes or frozen blueberries!

Ok, she’s gonna warm up so I’ll sit right here in this nice snug cubby hole and watch…

So many peppy people! How do they do this so early?

Wait, I’m going around to the stations with you? Alrighty, first up, gotta stretch those legs…grab an ankle! Hey, you’re upside down, Jerri!

Full body day…arms up first!

You’ve got this, Jerri! Work those arms! What, you want her to squat for some leg action too? Wowzers.

Did the instructor just tell Jerri to run WITH that heavy ball for 2 ½ minutes? Better drink me up, girl!

So many exercises in so little time! She’s dripping with sweat, SO GROSS! Breathe some fresh air while you take a few laps outside. Hey, the sun is up now!

Well, while Jerri finishes up her workout and cool down, I’ll direct you on where to find your own scoby to make your own kombucha. You won’t regret it! The NWFerments family has your back! And your arms, your legs, your abs…oh, your abs….

Kombucha Starter Culture

If you want a little giggle, check out Wendy and Sue instructing you how it’s done!

Kombucha How To

Now, let’s get FIT and Fermented!