Kombucha Candy

by Suzanne

Recently, I took my son to Rooks Barber Shop for his semi-annual haircut (don't ask!). As I was watching the hair fall to the floor, it somehow reminded me of periodically removing the scoby from my kombucha jar when it gets too thick. I realize it's a stretch for some of you, but when you have fermentation on the brain all the time, as I do, then practically everything relates somehow! cutting scoby for kombuch candy

That brings me to today's topic: what to do with the numerous scobys that build up in your kombucha jar. By far the easiest thing to do is to just toss them out. But that seems pretty heartless, especially if you get attached to your ferments the way I do. The next best thing is to share an extra scoby with a friend. There must be someone out there who still needs a scoby, but the list is dwindling, I admit. And the scoby pile keeps getting larger. So I pull out the big chunky scoby pile, leave one scoby in the jar to continue brewing kombucha, and make kombucha candy!

laying out kombucha candy

Making kombucha candy out of the scoby is super easy:

1. Chop, tear, or cut the scoby into bite-sized pieces.

2. Leave the pieces to soak overnight in a solution of water and your favorite sweetener: maple syrup, honey, sugar, etc. You'll need just enough liquid to cover the pieces completely.

3. After about 24 hours, remove the scoby pieces from the liquid, spread on a dehydrator tray, and dehydrate at 110ºF until the scoby pieces are chewy like gummy bears.

4. Eat and enjoy!