Homemade Nut Milk for Vegan Yogurt Starter

by Jerri

I've personally never seen a Vegan Yogurt Starter work with commercial nut milks (coconut is not a nut, so I'm not referring to coconut milk). Perhaps there are just too many additives, or the process of creating the nut milk does not lend itself to the bacteria taking hold successfully. Don't waste your money and sanity trying, because in a few steps and the wait of an overnight soak, you can easily make your own€and bonus nut pulp to later use in other cooking endeavors!

Almond milk is super popular. Here's how it's done in my kitchen for a 1-quart batch. Note: The Vegan Yogurt Starter can do as much as two quarts per packet.

Soak 1 cup of organic almonds (or any nut) overnight say hello to the rebel almond at the top:


Drain the soaking water, and put almonds plus 4 cups of fresh filtered/unchlorinated/unfluoridated water in your blender pitcher.

Blend for about 3-5 minutes:


Then you'll need cheesecloth/butter muslin or a fine weave nut milk bag€I sewed up my own from butter muslin to use over and over:


It's big enough to easily fit over the sides of my mama's 40 year old Revere Ware pan I just inherited a few weeks ago:


Pour the nut milk in, then gather the bag at the top and start twisting to squeeze the milk into the pan:


You'll be left with milk as well as pulp, which most often can be used to bring bulk and nutrition to your baked goods€or perhaps mixed into your daily oatmeal, etc.


That's it! You can make the nut milk ahead of time, and store it in the fridge for several days. Always smell and do a taste test of the milk before using in your recipes!