New Beginnings

Spring cleaning, fresh start, new beginning They're all cliches, but somehow completely appropriate, too. Spring does make me feel like getting started, though usually I get started (or re-started) on the more mundane things: cleaning out the garage, going through last year's summer clothes, preparing the garden for seedlings, etc, etc. One spring task that never gets boring is getting ready for fermenting season. Yes, fermenting season is what I call it. I keep my house pretty cool through the winter, so any fermented food or drink takes some extra time and effort. But when the temperature creeps up just a little, I get excited. I see bubbles, I dream of pickles, I order cultures, and I begin.


What culture you ask?

Water kefir grains are at the top of the list for fermenting season. Water kefir is the perfect summer drink for my kiddo. From my point of view, it keeps him hydrated, gives him probiotics, and has a much lighter taste than kombucha, which is often too strong for young palates. From his point of view, it's fizzy, it comes in cool flip-top bottles, and he can choose virtually any flavor he likes! So with spring temperatures, out come the water kefir grains to rehydrate for a few days, then to get started bubbling and fermenting away on my countertop. Are you ready to Get Fermenting?