Fermentation on Vacation

Years ago, when traveling, I would have to do research on my destinations as to where all the natural food stores were. I had to be sure I'd be able to get my "fix" (primarily Kombucha) wherever I went. If you're an addict like me, you know what a few days without can do to your system! Especially with all the other indulgences that come with vacationing (too much food, too much drink...). These days, my magical elixir of fermentation can be found everywhere, even in mainstream grocery stores!

In many ways, this is wonderful- easier access, more selection, competitive pricing, and healthy ferments are now being consumed by the masses. But in other, deeper ways, I prefer my old method. Taking the time to seek out these little "secret" places, and connecting with the cultural community wherever I go. Not to mention supporting the small Mom & Pop-type establishments.

Don't get me wrong, I like a little convenience, and am glad that so many more people are joining the fermentation movement. But let's keep a little balance. Let's remember to support the little folks that are our roots. The imaginative innovators that have brought us to where we are. Don't automatically head to the "big box" establishments- take a little time to check out what each community has to offer. Make it a goal on your next trip- you (and your gut) will be glad you did in the end!

(Get it? In the end ;) )