Monkey Bread: Deliciously Sticky Gooey Gluten-Free Sourdough Blobs

closeup of sourdough blobs with monkey bread sauce on top before it goes into the oven

Awhile back a friend brought to a party something called “monkey bread” – it was wheat based, and although we avoid gluten as much as possible, we ate it. It was so, so, so, so yummy. Basically it was a doughy sticky sweet cinnamon-y concoction that was gone in no time! I searched for a gluten free version, and found a few recipes online I could piece together to also use sourdough.

To start, you can use our Gluten Free Sourdough starter, or do a wild one. Personally, our NW Ferments starter is way easier, but I didn’t have one on hand when I got the urge to make this for a party just a few days away. I did it using brown rice flour, water, and homemade kombucha to give it a bacterial boost. Credit for that goes to Sharon Kane and her book, The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking!

Like any wild sourdough, you are mixing the flour and water. The kombucha is added in. I made sure to mix well.

whisk stirring flour and water

Not really exciting at the moment, but now we wait until the next feeding – for gluten free, I like to feed every 4-8 hours (ahem, or when I can remember as soon as possible).

I like to do about 1/3 cup of brown rice flour and about ¼ cup water for each feeding.

I often find that the water settles at the top, so I stir often, and every few feedings I will add less water…about 1/8 cup instead. Get your station set up on the counter to make things easy!

fermentation supplies including brown rice flour and mason jars

I’m ready to keep feeding! See the liquid at the top there, in my cloth napkin covered jar above? That’s what I’m talking about, Willis. But no worries, I’ll use same amount of flour but less water at the next feeding.

flour in measuring cup next to sourdough starter

It takes a few days, but looky looky! Bubbles!

sourdough starter with bubbles in glass jar

It’s not quite as active as I know it can get, but it’s heading that way!

So once the starter IS ready, it’s time to prep things to make the dough and topping because you’ll need to let it ferment/rise overnight. The topping calls for butter, honey and cinnamon.

Grease up that casserole dish with some good coconut oil!

a dollop of coconut oil in a clear casserole dish

Oh-oh-oh! Look at that happy gluten free starter ☺. It’s pretty thick, and perfect!

bubbly, thick gluten free starter being poured from a glass jar to a measuring cup

Mix up all the ingredients into a nice batter – I’ve seen easy peasy recipes that call for gluten free pizza dough, but I did mine from scratch with what GF flours I had on hand – and eggs/vanilla/honey/salt and a binder (guar gum is always in my freezer). You’ll also find recipes calling for yeast instead of a sourdough, and that’s ok…but if you want fermented yumminessssssss, go for sourdough.

I made my neat little balls, using a melon ball scooper (LOVE THAT TOOL).

sourdough blobs

Then doused it with the topping.

sourdough balls covered in monkey bread topping

I covered it with plastic (ick, I know, but I did it) and let it rise/ferment overnight and into the morning. The next day I baked it for just a few minutes, and it smelled crazy good. I thought the dough had soaked up a bit of the topping – so I made more topping for drizzling over it when the guests arrived. WINNER!

I wish I had end pictures, but we were carried away with the day, and there wasn’t anything left by the time I remembered. Oops! It really didn’t look much different, just a bit more puffy, and hot/bubbly when it came out of the oven.

YUM! I dare you to monkey around and Get sticky gooey Fermented!