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An Intro to Yogurt

by Suzanne

Trying to add probiotics to your diet but not sure how to get started? Enter Yogurt! Yogurt is the best introduction to probiotic foods you can find, and the whole family will love it!

Why Make Yogurt At Home?

Yogurt is familiar to nearly everyone, so it's easy to add to your daily meal plan. Kids love it! It mixes well with so many foods: berries, granola, nuts, and shredded coconut, just to name a few. Yogurt is also a wonderful addition to savory foods. Try a spoonful of plain yogurt atop beef stew, pasta, or any dish you would normally add sour cream to. When you make your own yogurt at home, you know exactly what the ingredients are. Use good quality organic milk to make your own organic yogurt at home. Keep it gluten-free, dairy or vegan, non-GMO, and organic, just the way you like it! Last but not least, making your own organic yogurt at home is good for the environment. No more plastic containers and lids to throw away.

How Do I Make Yogurt at Home?

Making yogurt at home with heirloom yogurt starters is easy and inexpensive. An heirloom starter is one that can be reused over and over again. Just save a few tablespoons of yogurt from your first batch to use as starter for your next batch.

Thermophilic or Heat-loving Yogurt Starters

Try heat-loving (thermophilic) yogurt starters such as Bulgarian, a mild-flavored thick yogurt. Or make your own Greek yogurt at home. These heat-loving yogurt starters are perfect for the fall and winter months, when your house is a bit on the chilly side. Not fond of dairy milk? Enjoy a vegan diet? There is a yogurt starter for you, too! Vegan Yogurt Starter is a direct-set starter, so you'll need a new packet of dried starter for each batch. Use your favorite thickener and Vegan Yogurt Starter to make organic coconut milk yogurt, organic almond milk yogurt, rice milk yogurt, or any non-dairy yogurt. Make these organic heat-loving yogurts in the Instant Pot, your dehydrator, or a yogurt maker. Many yogurt makers come with serving-sized glass jars, great for lunches or grab-and-go snacks.

Mesophilic or Medium Temperature Yogurt Starters

When it gets warmer inside and out, switch to mesophilic (medium temperature) yogurt starters. There are many varieties to choose from, which originated in different parts of the world.
  • Filmjolk is a mildly tangy yogurt starter from Finland.
  • Matsoni, or Caspian Sea Yogurt, is mild and creamy.
  • Piima is another Scandinavian yogurt starter variety that makes a lovely yogurt drink. It's a bit lighter in flavor than milk kefir, easier on a child's palate.
  • Viili is yet another yogurt variety from Finland that tastes thick and rich.
These medium temperature yogurt varieties can all be cultured right on your countertop! Making your own organic yogurt at home is so easy, it's hard to find a reason not to! It's time to choose your favorite yogurt starter and Get Fermented!