5 Great Ways to Eat Sauerkraut!

by Suzanne


Sauerkraut is one of my favorite fermented foods, and if you've read my previous blog posts, you know that I like it with everything! But I realize that my weird food combinations can't possibly be palatable to everyone out there, so I've toned it down a bit. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite ways to eat sauerkraut that I think everyone will love.

1. On a Taco.

Do you like tacos with meat or veggies and spicy seasonings? Sauerkraut pairs so well with them all. Just a spoonful atop the other fillings adds a new flavor dimension you'll love!

2. With Pork Cracklins.

If you render your own lard,you likely have a jar of pork cracklins in your fridge somewhere. Wondering what to do with them? Add a spoonful to a bowl of sauerkraut for a delicious, filling snack. Be careful! Those cracklins can be super rich, so don't go overboard!

3. On a Hot Dog.

You've seen New York hot dog vendors in movies or on TV, selling hot dogs topped with sauerkraut. But this yummy delight is not just for New Yorkers. Try it with some spicy mustard. You'll never look back!

4. With Fried Eggs.

A few years ago, I worked one day a week at a seriously physically demanding job, where sometimes I had little time to even eat lunch. So when I finally pedaled home at 9:00pm, I was starving and exhausted. I could muster just enough energy to fry a couple of eggs and slap them on top of a bowl of sauerkraut. So tasty! And just the boost I needed to stumble my way to bed. I won't talk about spilling the sauerkraut juice into my computer, whose shift key still doesn't work.

5. With Soup.

Aside from adding sauerkraut to borscht I learned while on the GAPS diet that sauerkraut is delicious in nearly any soup or stew. Let the soup cool a bit before adding the sauerkraut, to avoid killing off the good bacteria in all that fermented yumminess.

That's it! Sauerkraut is super easy to make at home, and so much less expensive than store ­bought. Give it a try on top of your favorite meal and let us know your favorite ways to enjoy sauerkraut!