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3 Tips for Getting Started with Fermented Foods

by Suzanne

If you're new to fermentation, it's possible that you have a few jars of fermented carrot sticks, radishes, or sour cream in your fridge, and you're wondering...what now?

Making big changes to your diet can be scary and confusing. New recipes, odd ingredients, kids making funny faces--all these can make you wonder if all this probiotic stuff is really for you. Don't despair! There are some easy ways to incorporate those new foods into your favorite meals.

1. Add fermented foods in small amounts, like a condiment. Family taco night? Chop a few fermented carrot sticks and serve them right alongside your usual ingredients. The color alone will be so attractive, your family will not be able to resist sprinkling them on a taco or salad.

2. Slowly replace store-bought items with your home-fermented foods. Serve your homemade sour cream in an individual bowl and just don't mention the change. The fresh flavor is sure to please!

3. Give your family ownership of their fermented foods. Take the family to the market and allow each person to choose a veggie. Have a fun fermentation session at home. A few days later, have a family tasting. Even if nothing is a big hit, those new flavors are introduced and new ideas are brewing (no pun intended!). Keep trying until everyone has one or two fermented vegetables they are willing--maybe even eager-- to eat.

Bottom line? Don't give up! Introduce new foods and flavors slowly and soon homemade fermented foods will be a regular part of your weekly menu.